Manufactured in the USA

At Environmental Filter, we manufacture replacement dust collector cartridge filters

for some of the biggest brands in the industry!


We specialize in the design and manufacturing of filter elements for dust collectors.

We offer high-quality products that meet or exceed OEM specifications.


  • Custom Cartridge Filters
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Experienced Team of Engineers
  • Dust Collector Filters - What We Do

    A Quick Look Inside Factory Operations

    We offer Fire Retardant Medias!


    Dust Collector Filters


    We manufacture a complete line of pleated dust collector filters in cellulose, polyester, synthetic, coated and non-woven cartridges to fit most cartridge collectors in the marketplace today.


    With our team of experienced enginners, we can design and manufacture custom filters for your dust collection needs! Put us to work in manufacturing truly unique products.


    Ask us about our HEPA Filters! With 99.97% efficiency on 0.3 micron size particles, our Enviro-Max HEPA Filters are of the highest quality.


    We have other configurations as well including: oval filters.

    cone filters

    We have other configurations as well including: cone filters.


    Need filters pre-wrapped, we've got you covered!

    Our Industries Served

    Our filters have applications in a wide range industries.


    The metal industry generates metal dust, chips, fumes, and mist. These hazardous pollutants can cause health problems for workers, and cause damage to machinery as well. Dust collection systems are used in these applications to protect workers from certain gases and pollutants.


    Many woodworking shops require dust collection systems to collect fine dust particles that machinery leaves behind. These particles hinder the air quality and can cause respiratory issues. Woodshavings, woodchips, and even finer dust particles are harmful to one's health and can impact machinery.

    Food processing

    Food processing is such an important and vital industry. Food safety is the key. Dust can accumulate in a variety of places: from ingredients to food process methods. Particles can build up quickly without a proper air filtration system.This places food products in danger of pollutants, bacteria, and more.



    Plasma cutting is a process in which a laser/phasma cuts through certain materials including: copper and steel. When this occurs smoke fumes and harmful pollutants are released into the air. Dust collection is needed to better control these toxins.


    Powder coating is a process that consists of polymer resin that is sprayed, using a spray gun, onto various surfaces; typically metal. Dust collector systems can be used to improve the air quality of the industry before, during, and after use.


    For these applications, the safety of employees and workers is a concern. But the security of the products manufactured is an even greater one. Pharmaceutical companies need dust collection units to keep the area sterilized and to reduce risk of contamination.